7 Major Admission Factors

SAT Score

Colleges are attracted by high SAT Scores. If an applicant submits high SAT score, Colleges are more likely to admit and reward scholarships. 


Your GPA is an indicator of academic integrity and excellence. A strong GPA increases is likely to increase the chances of admissions into top colleges. 

Academic Rigor

Rigor basically refers to the academic challenges of a class. Colleges will review students’ transcripts thoroughly and will want more than just a Strong GPA. They are expecting students to take a wide variety of classes composed of honors and college courses

SAT Subject Tests / AP Exams

Colleges are expecting students to challenge themselves by showing mastery of honors or College level courses. Students who display proficiency in SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams are more likely to be offered admission.

Volunteering Services

Volunteering Credits received from organizations can show the colleges that the student is community driven. The Credits can also say that the student has shown great amounts of responsibility by committing to an organization daily and being a productive member of the society.

Personal Statement / Supplemental Essays

Colleges want more than just grades. College admission officers want to know who you are. They will read your personal statement carefully to see if you are indeed a good candidate for the university. Supplemental Essays – Many Colleges have their own required writing that must be done for the application to be accepted and processed. These essays help admission officers learn about students interests, majors and reasons for applying.

Recommendation letters

Recommendation Letters can dramatically change the course of application status from wait-listed to acceptance. Strong recommendation letters from well-known organizations, teachers, mentors, professor can display candidate’s management skills, community-driven mindset, responsibility and much more.

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