608 on the SHSAT: Stuyvesant

Mahdi scored 608 on the SHSAT and gained admissions to one of the elite specialized high school of New York: Stuyvesant High School. After going through Tariq’s Extreme SHSAT prep at Bobby Tariq Tutoring Center, Mahdi was able to learn many shortcuts to SHSAT. These shortcuts to SHSAT not only increased his knowledge of SHSAT materials but they also dramatically increased his ability to do questions under 1 minute. With both knowledge of SHSAT and speed, Mahdi was able to achieve a top score and gain admission to his first choice – Stuyvesant High School.

SHSAT Acceptance: Bronx Science

Syed & Adib gained admissions to Bronx Science High School after scoring 541 & 538 on the SHSAT, respectively.

Mr. Tariq’s Ultra Extreme Prep is designed to teach the students all SHSAT shortcuts. After going through our SHSAT Prep, Syed and Adib not only gained knowledge of advanced algebra, geometry but also built a great foundation of English comprehension.

Stuyvesant Accepted (SHSAT)

Tamzid & Fahid got accepted to Stuyvesant High School with top SHSAT Scores. Mr. Tariq, the lead SHSAT Prep Instructor, is very proud of them.

Fahad: Stuyvesant, Score: 627

Tamzid: Stuyvesant, Score: 597

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