Time Schedule

Sunday – Thursday

  • Classes: 38 Classes
  • Duration: 4 Hours / Class
  • Time Slots: 2 Time Slots (9 – 1:00), (1 to 5)

9th Grade Summer SHSAT Course

  • Course comprised of the most advanced SHSAT problems.
  • Learn the “SHORTCUT Approach” and solve questions in time.
  • 38 Classes (152 Hours) of rigorous 9th grade SHSAT Training.

10 Practice Tests Tailored for the 9th Grade SHSAT

  • 10 Practice Tests Tailored for the 9th Grade SHSAT
  • Access to 8 realistic 9th grade SHSAT exams
  • Comprehensive guide and review sessions of those 8 Practice Tests.
  • Analyze test scores and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Concept-Based Learning using the “Shortcut Approach”

  • Topic-by-topic review of 9th grade SHSAT materials.
  • Practice 10-15 questions per topic.
  • Learn the Shortcut approach and solve questions very quickly.

Weekly Progress Report (Personalized for Parents)

  • Parents receive weekly performance report that show students’ grades on Classworks, Homeworks, and Tests.
  • The report will include teacher’s recommendation on how to target the student’s weakest section.

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