9th Grade SHSAT Acceptance (2019)

Vanessa: Score – 535 & Brooklyn Tech

Rohit: Score – 515 & Brooklyn Tech

Shanika: Score – 559 & Brooklyn Tech

Sumaiya: Score – 530 & Brooklyn Tech

Ranjay: Score – 520 & Brooklyn Latin

9th Grade SHSAT is difficult, but they BEASTED the 9th Grade SHSAT

9th Grade SHSAT: Stuyvesant Accepted with 654 Score

Ajmair did not make it into Stuyvesant the first time, but he did not give up hope! He took the test again and scored one of the highest SHSAT Scores (654) and gained admissions to

Stuyvesant High School. 

Stuyvesant requires one of the highest cut-offs and offers probably the lowest number of seats to 9th Grade SHSAT Test Takers.

Grade 9 SHSAT: Brooklyn Tech Accepted with 581 Score.

Niloy gained admission to Brooklyn Tech High School after scoring 581 on the SHSAT.

Congratulations to Niloy Sarker! Niloy did get into any specialized high school at the first try. However, after finding an amazing mentor such as Mr. Tariq, Niloy was able to score top in the SHSAT and win a seat at Brooklyn Tech High School.

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