4 Phases of College Application Program

Create a college list & discuss your chance of acceptance for each college

  • Make your college list using our 4 categories: Dream College, Top Colleges, Excellent – Good Colleges, and Safety Colleges.
  • After evaluating your Stats such as SAT/ACT scores, GPA, SAT Subjects/AP Scores, and internships, we determine your chance of acceptance.

Personal Statements & Supplemental Essays

  • Read samples of our personal statements & supplemental essays that worked.
  • Work with hand-picked essay specialists and prepare ground-breaking college essays.
  • Receive comprehensive edits and ideas for your essays.
  • Show your personality in the right way and stand out during college admissions.
  • Utilize our counselling program to find your unique qualities and present a strong college application.

Cover Letters & Resumes

  • Read successful cover letters & resumes of our students who got into top colleges.
  • Build a strong cover letter that show cases your interests in the college.
  • Learn how to create professional resumes and avoid mistakes that make your resume appear amateurish.

Estimate Your Finances

  • Our team will help families understand what colleges will cost them.
  • Trusted advisors will be able to tell you whether you will qualify for Federal Student Aid.
  • We will be able to tell you if the student qualifies merit scholarships based on his or her stats.

Why care about College Essays?

  • Test scores and GPA show if you are college-ready, but they are not all admission counselors care about.
  • College Essays express your soul and passions beyond standardized tests scores.
  • They show case your personality and your level of interest in a major.
  • Personal statements and college essays are by far one of the most important college admission factors.

Why care about Cover Letters & Resumes?

  • Cover letters & resumes help you stand out because it’s uncommon and unique.
  • They express your interest in a college because cover letters are designed to be very specific to a college.
  • Resumes showcase your high school career beyond GPA and standardized admission tests at a glance. You can list the internships or volunteering work that you have done over the 4 years of high school career

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