How do I get into the High School for American Studies at Lehman College? What is so great about this school?

By Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center | Updated on January 17, 2020

The High School for American Studies (HSAS) at Lehman College is one of the hidden gems of the specialized high school system. It is a small high school with the resources of the larger college surrounding it. Students have a large workload, but that is not without its perks. HSAS students are able to dine in the Lehman cafeteria, use the Olympic size swimming pool and courts, and use Lehman College’s extensive library. Furthermore, students at HSAS enjoy a unique class schedule. There are many opportunities for students to grow at HSAS, and a college connection through Lehman College. Read on to learn crucial concepts you must master to get into HSAS, find study resources, and hear testimonials about student outcomes. You might be thinking: how can I get in? Why do I even want to go there? Just keep reading to find answers to all of your questions.

Unique Class Schedule

There are many novel and positive perks of attending an elite school like HSAS. For one thing, there is a unique class schedule unlike that of any other high school, even specialized high schools. Each class meets four times a week rather than five, and for 55 minutes rather than the traditional time of 45 minutes. This brings students closer to a college schedule, where they do not have class every day but classes are much longer. This unique class schedule helps students to be more prepared for college and therefore be more readily adjusted when the time comes.

This unique class schedule also reflects upon a very unique methodology of teaching at HSAS. History classes focus more on individual topics, similar to college courses. English courses feature very advanced texts even in freshman year. Students also have recitation class, similar to a college recitation, where students can study while supervised by a teacher. Because HSAS is only a few blocks away from Bronx Science, students can study together and make the trek back to Queens together.

Opportunities at QHSS

Attending HSAS allows students to take advantage of many opportunities that students at other schools cannot. Not only is there a very integrated and strong connection with Lehman College, but students will also be placed in an environment where they are already treated like college students, fostering a maturity and mindset that other schools cannot. HSAS is well connected to the community, with guests like New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg coming to visit Government classes earlier this year. At HSAS, students can join any of twenty student clubs, like El Perspicaz, the online Spanish magazine, Girls Who Code, Drama Club, and more.

HSAS may be a small school but it provides individualized and special attention to its students and the small size contributes to a very strong community. The school recognizes that the most well-rounded and high achieving students have access to all of the best opportunities as well. Students can choose from so many different clubs and organizations and create connections that will last forever. Learning, to the administrators at HSAS, is more well-done when it occurs both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students at QHSS can choose between AP Calculus AB, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP United States History, and AP World History as well as language courses like French, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. If you hope to attend HSAS and become a global citizen, you must ace the SHSAT in order to start your journey and take advantage of all of the opportunities at HSAS.

College Connection

Students at HSAS have a stronger connection to the college they are affiliated with because they share a campus. Students are already basically college students, attending College Now courses and following a unique class schedule, but they also share lunchtime and the library with college students at Lehman College. Students can take courses like Psychology, Biology, and English. By taking College Now courses, students will have a leg up on other undergraduates by completing some credits for free and ahead of schedule.

HSAS has a strong sense of college preparedness and makes sure that its students are not falling behind by providing a lot of support. Attending HSAS will allow students to take the first steps towards a bright future.

Important Concepts 

To get into HSAS, students must have a high score on the SHSAT and rank HSAS accordingly. To do this, students must master the most important concepts on the SHSAT and ensure that they know all of the shortcuts needed to get the required score. Achieving a HSAS score is not going to be easy, but we have some tips below that will help you realize what the most important concepts are and how to study them effectively.

1. Distance, Rate, Time (DRT)

Distance, Rate, Time questions like these are all over the SHSAT. The exam wants to make sure that you are able to distinguish between these measurements and use them in conjunction with each other. This question asks you for the amount of time after giving you distance and a rate. While it may seem simple, this kind of question is one of the fundamentals on the examination. Comment below if you know the answer!

2. Consecutive Integers

Consecutive integer questions are very common. Sometimes, the test writers will ask you for the average of a list of consecutive integers and other times, like above, they will ask you for the least of a list of integers after giving you a sum. Problems like the one above are likely to be on the examination. They highlight your understanding of patterns and specific rules. Comment below if you know the answer!

Study Resources

To get into HSAS, students should put in a lot of time and effort into their studies and ensure that they are using the correct methods to do so. HSAS isn’t a very large school, so students will be required to put their money where their mouth is and show their commitment to their school community and their studies. We at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center have many study resources that we would like to share with you to help you get into HSAS, if it is the school of your dreams. Students should be studying on their own at home, but they should also use our top-notch preparatory books, attend our expert SHSAT classes, and think about hiring private tutors. Students can also explore the use of free resources like the DREAM Program and the Discovery Program to help boost their score. You can learn more about these in our SHSAT guide.

Watch our President and SHSAT expert Mr. Tariq review the specific SHSAT concept of averaging consecutive integers here:


Over the ten years that we’ve been in business, Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center has helped many thousands of young students get into the schools of their dreams, HSAS included. By attending Mr. Tariq’s class, students were exposed to the right testing environment and learned all of the tips and tricks needed to ace the exam. Our mission is to help our students’ dreams come true, and our testimonials speak for themselves. Watch our video testimonial below, showing just a few students who we helped get into their dream schools:
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