How many seats are offered for 9th Grade SHSAT (2020)?

By Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center | Updated on January 25, 2020
9th grade shsat seats

How many seats are available for 9th Grade SHSAT?

9th Grade SHSAT offers far fewer admissions than 8th Grade SHSAT. Majority of the seats are reserved for rising 9th graders. This means SHSAT schools keep 99% of the seats for those taking the SHSAT during 8th Grade. If you want to get access to a more in-depth guide for 9th Grade SHSAT, you should check out our most recent blog post titled “9th Grade SHSAT (Everything You Need to Know in 2020). Additionally, if you want to learn about our top-rated 9th Grade SHSAT prep, feel free to contact us!

Seats Offered (9th Grade SHSAT vs SHSAT)

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To show the significant difference between 9th Grade SHSAT seats and 10th grade seats, here are two examples. For Staten Island Tech, 9th grade available seats total 300, yet only 4 seats are available for rising tenth graders. At Brooklyn Tech, there are 1400 seats for ninth graders, yet only 34 available for tenth graders.

In 2019, A total of 4,410 seats were offered to rising 9th graders. However, only 108 seats were offered to rising 10th graders. Approximately 30,000 students took the 8th Grade SHSAT last year, whereas only 3,000 students took the 9th Grade SHSAT. This means only 108 students got offers out of 3,000 9th Grade SHSAT test takers. This puts the acceptance rate for Grade 9 SHSAT at 3.6%.

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What is the 9th Grade SHSAT?

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a test for acceptance to one of New York City’s Specialized High Schools (SHS). The test is taken by, on average, approximately 30,000 eighth- and 3,000 ninth-grade students. Of that number, about 15-18% are extended offers from these elite schools.

The SHSAT contains an English Language Arts (ELA) section and a math section and is administered to ninth grade students during mid-November. Testing takes approximately three hours (180 minutes). The highest score that can be achieved is 800 points.

Once the testing results are official, students are ranked by score, then assigned to their first choice SHS in order until all available seats for each selected school are filled.

The vast majority of test takers are eighth-grade students, so there are far fewer seats available for ninth graders as there are for eighth grade entrants. The best opportunity for a seat is during eighth grades, so it is strongly encouraged that families plan for their children to take the test during the child’s eighth grade year.

Students who take the test during their eighth-grade year, but do not place, may retake the test. Scores are released in March, allowing sufficient time to study for a second attempt. This is where our our highest rated 9th Grade SHSAT Prep can help you.
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