How to get into Brooklyn Latin, and why choose this school? 

By Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center | Updated on January 17, 2020
Brooklyn School

The Brooklyn Latin School, or TBLS, is another very prestigious and competitive specialized high school that you can gain entrance to by taking the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). To get into Brooklyn Latin, students are required to get a score of 488, making it the “easiest” specialized high school to get into. Don’t let that lower cutoff score fool you, though. It is still very difficult to get into Brooklyn Latin. Each year, only about 180 seats are offered by the school for the eighth grade exam. This means that of 30,000 applicants, only about 0.6% of students gain entrance to the school. For tenth graders, the cutoff range is 518-528, but about 20 seats are offered. This is higher compared to other specialized high schools, meaning that of about 3,000 applicants, Brooklyn Latin accepts about 0.7% of them, comparable to its percentage for ninth graders.

Regardless, Brooklyn Latin is difficult to get into regardless of which year you are applying for. The chances of admission are slim, but nothing is impossible with the right work ethic. So how do students really get into Brooklyn Latin? And why do they choose this school? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.


Brooklyn Latin has the unique advantage of being in one of the most diverse boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn. But it’s not just about its location on the border between Bushwick and Williamsburg. Being in Brooklyn allows students at TBLS to explore a new neighborhood that is rich with different cultures and immigrant communities. For those who are interested in technology, attending Brooklyn Latin will put you near the hub of tech in New York City, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Visiting the Metrotech Center and other pivotal technology centers around the area will be a catalyst for students to explore their interests. Brooklyn is a culturally and intellectually rich borough and students will be exposed to new ideas that will stimulate their own growth.

There are many benefits of attending an elite school like TBLS, but its accessible, and for most students, new location in Brooklyn is amongst the top reasons to attend.

Opportunities at Brooklyn Latin

Attending Brooklyn Latin is arguably one of the best choices you can make in terms of college readiness. To begin with, Brooklyn Latin follows an advanced IB curriculum, which we will explain more about below. But other than its advanced curriculum, there are many other great intellectually stimulating opportunities at Brooklyn Latin.

At Brooklyn Latin, students are mandated to study Latin language and cultural texts and adopt very specific methodologies for problem solving. In addition, students learn the value of being well-spoken by engaging in public declamations, or speeches, in their English and History classes. Furthermore, classes are quite often turned into Socratic seminars in order to foster inquisitive thoughts and ideas. Students can also get involved in interesting student life activities.

For starters, by attending Brooklyn Latin you will be able to take advantage of clubs like Latineer, the school’s newspaper, or Libellus, its literary magazine. As a school with deep roots in Latin, many student activities center around it. Furthermore, you can become part of the Legati, students (or disculpi as Brooklyn Latin calls them) who represent TBLS at events in and around their school community and serve as ambassadors to Brooklyn communities. There is also a strong Science Olympiad Team for those who are interested in the sciences. There are also conferences led by students in order to help students gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

If you hope to attend TBLS and get involved at school through many student leadership experiences, then it is important that you put your best efforts into studying for the SHSAT.

IB Curriculum

Students at Brooklyn Latin have a unique IB curriculum that is not offered at any other specialized high school. This academically rigorous curriculum allows students to learn the values of ten specific characteristics: inquiring, thoughtful, expressive, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, balanced, risk-taking and reflective, that reflect what Brooklyn Latin think that an ideal student should have.

IB coursework exposes students to what college coursework will be like and gets them accustomed to the college level grading scale. IB candidates take IB courses in literature, languages, social studies, the experimental sciences, mathematics and an art elective. Furthermore, students must write a 4,000-word essay about how humans and knowledge systems have changed throughout time. These unique requirements at Brooklyn Latin lead its students to be more compassionate, well-rounded, and understanding.

Necessary Concepts 

To get into Brooklyn Latin, although it has the lowest cutoff score, it is still difficult to achieve the necessary score. You must be a strong student and master the necessary concepts on the SHSAT in order to gain a score that is high enough for you to gain admittance to the school. Read on to learn more about some of these necessary concepts.

1. Angles and Parallelograms

There are many angle questions on the SHSAT, and most of them require you to have some knowledge about angles in specific shapes. Questions like these are testing your previous knowledge as well as your ability to combine concepts, like algebra and angles. Answering these questions correctly highlights your mathematical ability. Comment below if you know the answer!

2. Finding specific quantities

There are many questions like these on the SHSAT as well. While these questions may not seem extremely difficult, they illustrate some of the most basic concepts that are necessary to know to answer higher level questions. Being able to answer this question shows the test writers that you are not only an expert in the necessary concepts but that you are able to build on your knowledge to answer harder questions too. Comment below if you know the answer!

Study Resources

For anyone who wants to get into the Brooklyn Latin School, there are some pretty obvious steps that you need to take. The school is very small and not many students are accepted. To show that you are worthy of admission, you’re going to have to prove your worth. You can do that by studying hard, practicing often, and creating a strong work ethic – you’re going to need it once you get in.

We at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center have many study resources that will aid you in getting into and acing your way through the Brooklyn Latin School. You should obviously be studying at home, but you should also be studying by using preparatory books, SHSAT classes, and private tutors There are also free New York City resources like the DREAM Program and the Discovery Program that will help give your score the extra jump that it needs. You can read more about these tips, tricks, and resources in our SHSAT guide.

Watch our President and SHSAT expert Mr. Tariq review the SHSAT handbook below to help you beast the exam and get into Brooklyn Latin:


Watch the video below to learn the story of Ranjay, who got into Brooklyn Latin after taking the SHSAT in the ninth grade! Ranjay and the other students in the video worked extremely hard while in Mr. Tariq’s class, as they knew that admission is not so easy the second time around. They didn’t give up hope and kept pushing themselves forward because they knew that they could do it with enough motivation. We push all of our students beyond their limits because we know how to unleash their academic potential.
Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center: we have over 10 years of experience helping our students get into the schools that they want to attend more than anything. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Check out our Instagram and Facebook page. We are the shortcut masters and will continue to help our students beast their limits. Thousands of students have already succeeded. Join us to start your SHSAT journey!
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