Our Advanced Regents Prep is designed to help you score 80% or higher.

Designed to match the Next Generation Mathematics & ELA Learning Standards

  • All practice questions are created to give you a “Realistic” feel of the exams.
  • Understand exactly regents tests you on.

Practice Exams & Review Sessions

  • Realistic practice tests help you understand core Regents concepts.
  • Regents Course provides detailed review sessions of those practice exams.

Class Lectures, Classworks and Homeworks

  • Lecture sessions customized to give you topic-by-topic review.
  • Our regents classes consist of 15-20 questions per topic.
  • Homeworks are designed to refresh what you learned during lecture sessions.

Over 2000+ Regents Questions

  • Access to 100+ questions for every topic.
  • Learn to solve multiple choice questions, Grid-In questions, DBQs, and thematic essays.

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