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We are the highest rated SAT Prep on google for many reasons. From shortcut techniques to effective practice drills to top rated tutors, we have got you covered! Achieve a 200 points improvement after you complete our SAT Prep course.

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Our top SAT tutors’ reading techniques, math shortcuts, and writing and grammar rules helped students achieve 200 points improvement or 1400+ SAT score.

  • Learn Reading techniques, grammar rules, and Math shortcuts
  • Highest Rated SAT instructors on Google Reviews
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No more forgotten concepts or bad SAT scores – we have got your back.

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Highest Rated SAT Prep on google in NYC

With more than 500+ Google reviews from our locations in New York City, Bobby-Tariq has a rating of 4.9 Stars out of 5. No other SAT Prep has this many quality 5 star reviews.

Join our SAT prep, learn the techniques, and religiously follow tailor-made study guides to supercharge your SAT score!

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Bobby-Tariq helped a Hillcrest High School Student Score 1590 on the SAT (August 2019) | Bobby Tariq


1540 on the SAT | 250+ Points – with Sakib Hussain | Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center



Perfect SAT Score: 1600 | SAT Prep| Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center


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  • 40 to 140 + Hours of In-Person Instruction
  • 12 to 32 + Single-Section Practice Tests
  • 2 to 10 Full-Length Practice Tests
  • Reading Techniques
  • Grammar & Writing Rules
  • Math Shortcuts, Concepts
  • Topic-by-Topic Review

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Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center
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Rayan Islam
01:19 27 Mar 20
Rayan Islam
Bobby Tariq is the reason that I got into Cornell. My journey with Bobby started the summer before my junior year when... I took his BEAST program for the SAT. After a tough 3 months and over 300 points of improvement on my SAT score, I got a 1550. After that I put my focus towards trying to get into an amazing college. Cornell has always been my dream school and I without Bobby I don't think I would have stood any chance at getting in. Through his CAP program I was given professional advice and support. He was there from the very beginning and helped me through the hard process of college applications. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BOBBY!Read more
aidee choconta
01:43 20 Mar 20
aidee choconta
I want to recommend this center due to all the help the staff provided to get my son into the Bronx Science school. The... Teachers are very knowledgeable and their teaching strategy help all kids to improve their skills for the test. The center is also very friendly in accommodating kids of all cultures. They prepared my son and others extremely well for the SHSAT test.Read more
Nabeeha Tahsin
01:36 20 Mar 20
Nabeeha Tahsin
I went here to prepare for the SHSATs (the winter prior once a week, and twice during the summer) and I actually got... into Stuyvesant with 629, which was a higher score than I first expected. If you go here, you should be determined to succeed and be able to do the hard work. You can still meet new people to be encouraged, and once you surpass, you can be proud of yourself.Read more
Mohammed Hassan
21:52 16 Feb 20
Mohammed Hassan
My name is Shishir and I enrolled in Bobby's Learning Center SAT program back in 2011 and it helped me raise my score... by over 250 points. Not only did they help increase my SAT score, but more importantly, they instilled a hard work ethic and dedication to anything I put my mind into. You don't feel like a "student" here, but you feel like you have a family and a strong support system behind you for any challenge you want to take. As I look back, Bobby played a strong part in making me confident to take any test and is one of the reasons why I have applied the same strategy back in high school to pass the CPA exams. Thank you!Read more
23:07 13 Feb 20
I attended to Bobby’s Summer Beast Program and was able to increase my SAT score by 100 points. Maybe I didn’t... increase by 300 or 400 points like many others but I wouldn’t be able to increase that 100 without Bobby’s help. Because English was a new language to me since I have been in the US for only 2 years. I was badly struggling in English section because of my language barrier. But Bobby made it easier for me. His all grammar rules and shortcut reading techniques helped me to get over the weakness. His personalized study guide and attention helped me a lot to increase those crucial 100 points in SAT and scored 1440. This is not the end of story. I was helpless during the college application process because as a newcomer, I didn’t have any idea about college application. But Bobby was there to help me. I took Bobby’s advice for every step of the college application process. Because of his valuable advice, I got into NYU with 50k scholarship. Two years ago when I first stepped on America’s land, I never imagined that I could reach to top universities like NYU. But with Bobby’s instruction and advice, I successfully scored 1440 on SAT and got into NYU. I would highly recommend Bobby Tariq Tutoring Center for not only SAT prep but you should take Bobby’s valuable advices during college application if you want to get into top colleges.Read more
22:46 13 Feb 20
I went to Bobby Tutorial 2 years ago for the SAT. when I started, I knew nothing about the SAT let alone scoring good... on practice tests. After attending their tutoring program, I earned myself a 1460 and even got accepted to NYU and all other schools I applied to. He uses a very interesting method when teaching and I sometimes incorporate his methods into my readings to this day. The program is great and definitely worth the money.Read more
Shabeba Islam
22:36 11 Feb 20
Shabeba Islam
I attended Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center after attending another tutoring center that only helped me raise my SAT score... by about 100 points. After learning from Bobby, the SAT expert himself, I was able to increase my score by 600 points within the span of a few months. Bobby is a very kind and caring teacher and he is the best at what he does. He made sure to give me individualized attention and his shortcut techniques allowed me to really master the writing section of the SAT. Bobby truly cares about his students' performance and is the best motivator out there. With his help, I was also able to gain admittance into New York University.Read more
Farhan Tanvir
02:59 26 Oct 19
Farhan Tanvir
I enrolled in Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center's Beast Program last summer and I have no regrets. The beast program gave me... a full comprehensive overview of all the topics the SAT covered. There was not one topic that I felt uncomfortable with. The first month is rigorous and intensive, but I never felt behind or overwhelmed because Bobby would spend time answering my questions during class and even after class. Not only were Bobby's teaching methods easy to understand and follow, but his test taking strategies were a huge help as well. Constant tests every day during the second month of the program drilled in applications of topics and made me comfortable under stress and limited time. Bobby also helped us manage our time studying at home and addressed every single student's strengths and weaknesses through personal logbooks. Not to mention, Bobby is an amazing motivational speaker and so I always kept on track. It wasn't just Bobby who was helpful, the tutors and staff there were also very helpful. The environment is very friendly and I'm sure anyone who enrolls will find what they are looking for. I would definitely recommend this tutorial to anyone wanting to do well on the SAT. I was able to significantly increase my score over a couple of months and scored a 1500 on the October SAT test. Thanks Bobby!Read more
17:24 04 May 19
I started coming to Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center when I was in eighth grade for regents prep. The tutors that helped me... get all 90s and above on all of my regents we’re extremely nice, yet strict at the same time. I am now in Bobby’s SAT class scoring well above 1450 because of his great teaching methods and tricks. They truly are the best tutoring center and the KING OF SHORTCUTS!!Read more
01:22 28 Apr 19
Great tutors and friendly staff. I am constantly motivated by everyone that I can ace the test. The preparation is... great, but a bit difficult, fortunately they explain it and make it very clear so far I score around 400 but soon I may be able to score 500 ~WasifRead more
Shuvro Barua
15:25 21 Apr 19
Shuvro Barua
One of the best tutorials I’ve been to! Constant motivation to work hard for my future success. Gives lessons that... are very descriptive and fit for a student with any level of experience with the SAT exam. Only applied for a month worth of classes and increased my SAT score by 260 points!Read more
Sunan Tajwar
17:56 19 Apr 19
Sunan Tajwar
Bobby Tariq Tutoring Center is the hands down best place for SAT Prep in New York. In only two months I brought up my... score from a 1350 to a 1550. Bobby has created a systematic approach to using logic and reasoning in addition to a cumulative crash course in math and grammar, to ensure a greater understanding of the test material and how to take the test itself intelligently. A Columbia graduate himself, Bobby explains to his students how to motivate themselves and find inspiration in order to do well on this SAT and beyond. If you have the motivation, as Bobby said to his students, “you will become BEAST”.Update: I just got a 1560 on the March SAT (800 on Math)Read more
Mukut Chowdhury
16:47 19 Apr 19
Mukut Chowdhury
It's a great place, the environment is really nice. Bobby Tariq prepped me for the SAT really good, which is why I was... able to get a 1480/1600. I received a 740 on reading/ writing and 740 on math. Prepping for the SAT is a long process where you need a mentor to be there with you the whole time. Bobby was that mentor to me and whenever I had questions he would always answer it. Before coming to Bobby's I was really aimless in life and never seemed to care about anything. But, after hearing Bobby's motivational speech during class it gave me a purpose in life. Even though the SAT might just be a test, it is something that helped my future become bright and it showed me of what I can accomplish if I set my mind to it. If your looking for a supportive tutorial center, then I would recommend Bobby-Tariq because it will really changes your life and gives you that hope that you might be looking for to get into a good college.Read more
Tanvir Hossen
20:41 04 Apr 19
Tanvir Hossen
I entered Bobby-Tariq tutoring center for SAT prep and in the beginning I was scoring around 900-1100. Bobby saw this... and in one month i was able to take my SAT and score a 1430. Through his guidance and impeccable teaching I was able to improve more than 300 points on my SAT. I sat with him and he saw what I most struggled with and he had created study plans for me. Following his study plans for only one month I went from 1100 to 1430. I highly recommend this tutoring center for SAT prep and I can promise that as long as you follow Bobby's guidance, you can score very high on the SAT.Read more
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