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Let Bobby-Tariq teach teach you all the SAT reading techniques, math concepts, grammar rules, and writing tricks. Once you know these Shortcuts, you will BEAST the SAT.

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Everything You need in a SAT Prep

Bobby-Tariq will teach you easy hacks and techniques that will help you tackle complex reading passages, math concepts, and writing questions. Our SAT prep lets you get access to some of the most unique and bizarre, yet effective techniques.

No more forgotten concepts or bad SAT Scores — Bobby-Tariq has got your back. Leave all the pressure of SAT Prep to us, and enjoy a stress-free high school career.

Master Reading Techniques

Our reading techniques will teach you the most important thing you need to know for SAT Reading: How to find Evidence and Supporting Details. We will teach you how to find them.

We will teach you how to recognize the PATTERN. This will allow you to easily solve all types of Reading Questions such as Main Idea, data analysis questions, Focus-Shift, Word Choice, Inference, and Line evidence questions.

Ace Grammar, Writing Rules

Learn 22 grammar and writing rules. Our prep will teach you many grammar rules, including Parallelism , Subject-Verb Agreement, Run-on, semicolon, colon, modifier, and d redundancy etc.

Ace the Writing section by learning techniques that will help you solve Add/ Delete sentence questions, Paragraph Placement and Sentence Placement questions, and Topic / Conclusion sentence questions, and many more.

Hard Math, Easy hacks

Struggling with the No-Calculator & Calculator Section? Don’t worry. Our SAT prep will help you learn all the math concepts. Our prep will cover heart of algebra, geometry, complex number, data analysis, and trigonometry.

Ever imagine solving a math question under 30 seconds? Well, you can do that once you know our shortcut techniques and math concepts.

Practice Tests & Review

Practice SAT exams designed to help us learn your weakness and strengths. Attend in-depth review sessions and learn the core SAT Concepts.

Get access to a bank of 3000+ Realistic Practice Questions, including topic-bytopic review questions

Turn your
1000 into 1400+

Is it possible to boost your SAT score by 400 points? Yes! Once you master our reading techniques, learn the grammar & writing rules, and understand the math concepts and shortcut tricks, you will see your score by 200-400 points.

However, it is not possible to make a 400+ points jump without consistency, meaning you have to practice SAT materials daily up until the day before exam.

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With more than 500+ Google reviews from our locations in New York City, Bobby-Tariq has a rating of 4.9 Stars out of 5. No other SAT Prep has this many quality 5 star reviews.

Join our SAT prep, learn the techniques, and religiously follow tailor-made study guides to supercharge your SAT score!

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If you are not satisfied, no worries! Bobby-Tariq offers full refund of unused classes. Simply email us at service@bobbytariq.com to request for refund.

Please make sure to email us before the expiration date of the purchased program because we cannot offer refund of any unused classes after the expiration date.

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