SAT Prep

Time Schedule

Friday – Sunday

  • Classes: 1-3 Classes Per Week. 5 Classes Minimum Per month
  • Duration: 4 Hours / Class
  • Time Slots: Friday (5pm to 9pm)
    Saturday-Sunday (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm)

The Key components of our Bobby’s Shortcuts:

Monthly Practice Tests (Every 4th Week)

  • Practice SAT exams designed to help us learn your weakness and strengths.
  • Attend in-depth review sessions and learn the core SAT Concepts.

A bank of 3000+ Realistic Practice Questions

  • Comprehensive Classworks consisting of 50-100 practice questions.
  • In-depth topic-by-topic review using over 3000 practice questions.


  • Weekly quizzes help you evaluate your understanding of core SAT Materials.
  • Quizzes help you review previous week’s lessons to help you master the SAT Curriculum.

Become the King of Shortcuts

  • Master Bobby’s unique shortcuts that help you answer questions within seconds.
  • Recognize a pattern of the test that tells you exactly which shortcut technique to use.

Customized Study Guides

  • ◦ Tailored Homework plans that target your weakest SAT Section.
  • 1-on-1 Consultation with Bobby and Sakib to analyze your homework performance, and create a study plan that targets and improves the section you are struggling with.

Track Your Performance

  • All quiz, classworks, homeworks, and test grades will be tracked sensitively, so you may know what your level is, and how much effort you need invest.
  • Our SAT Beasts Bobby & Sakib evaluate your performance, which allows them to create a personalized study plan that aims to improve your weakest SAT Section.

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