Perfect SAT Score: 1600

“Bobby’s strict regimen of practice was very helpful. Not only that but he’s such a great motivational speaker. He connects with kids really well and makes them feel satisfied when they reach a certain goal. He definitely guided me really well and sat down with me to discuss my weaknesses. I 100% recommend this place for anyone looking for the best SAT prep place!

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400+ Points Improvement on the SAT

When I started off, my scores on his SAT practice tests only ranged between the 1100s and 1200s. However, once I entered Bobby-Tariq’s BEAST Summer program, my scores jumped by 100s of points. I continuously would get high 1400s and 1500s. Bobby motivated me to aim for my best, like he always does. By coming here, I didn’t merely learn how to more efficiently take a standardized test. I learned far beyond that. Bobby taught me about self-confidence, diligence, and patience.

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Dhan's Story - SAT Score: 1510

I got 730 on English & 780 on Math. I learned different tricks needed in math, especially different shortcuts so I can just do it quickly. Saved a lot time. Some of the questions I was able to do in 30 seconds”  – From Video

I received a 1510 on my SAT and a large reason for that was because I chose to attend this tutoring center. After sophomore year of high school, I decided to go start prepping for the SAT and Bobby’s was the perfect choice for me” – From Google Review

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Chris's Story - SAT Score 1490

The absolute best SAT tutoring service out there. They teach you excellent test taking strategies and cover every topic thoroughly in both math and English. They truly care about how you do and push you to go beyond your limits. They even take into account your grade, and plan accordingly. I personally got in the top 1% of SAT scorers after 5 weeks here, I highly recommend the Bobby Tariq Tutoring Center to all students”

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