Perfect SAT Score: 1600

“Bobby’s strict regimen of practice was very helpful. Not only that but he’s such a great motivational speaker. He connects with kids really well and makes them feel satisfied when they reach a certain goal. He definitely guided me really well and sat down with me to discuss my weaknesses. I 100% recommend this place for anyone looking for the best SAT prep place!”

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400+ Points Improvement on the SAT

When I started off, my scores on his SAT practice tests only ranged between 1100s and 1200s. However, once I entered Bobby-Tariq’s BEAST Summer program, my scores jumped by 100s of points. I continuously would get high 1400s and 1500s. Bobby motivated me to aim for my best like he always does. By coming here, I didn’t merely learn how to more efficiently take a standardized test. I learned far beyond that. Bobby taught me about self-confidence, diligence, and patience.

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300+ Points Increased on the SAT

“Bobby-Tutorial Center is definitely the best place to go if you want to improve your SAT score. When I first came to Bobby’s, I got low 1300s on my practice tests. However, that all changed once I was enrolled in Bobby’s BEAST program. During the summer, I went to prep 5 days a week and thanks to Bobby’s very detailed lessons I was able to improve my score by over 200 points. After countless hours of lessons, practice tests, and college speeches I was able to improve my score from a 1300 to eventually a 1550 (October 2018 SAT). I would recommend this tutorial to any high school student that is trying to improve their score.”

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9th Grade SHSAT Acceptance Stuyvesant & Bronx Science

“After expecting to get into one of the specialized high schools and not getting in, it was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt. But after coming to Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center, this feeling just uplifted and went away.


I prepped with Tareq in group and also in one-on-one tutoring. I prepped with intense materials, including subjects that weren’t even taught in school. Tariq is a crazy person but he is really inspiring and really motivating.


My name is Sameer. I got into Bronx Science with a score of 568 taking the 9th grade SHSAT. The 9th grade SHSAT is really an intense exam. It’s much harder than the 8th grade SHSAT. It has more advanced material. The cut-offs for specialized high schools are much higher.

Sameer Khan

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9th Grade SHSAT: Stuyvesant

“Hi. My name is Tasnim Amran, and I took the 9th grade supplementary exam or the SHSAT, and I got into Stuyvesant with a score of 627”

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“My name is Tasnim Amran and I took a course here at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center and I’m so happy my parents put me here. My parents had forced me to go to every singe tutor possibly known here In JH but no one had made me see my potential. This place is great and can help you unlock your future.”

Tasnim's Full Google Review

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