Curriculum designed to BEAST the State Tests

Designed to match the Next Generation Learning Standards

  • Both Mathematics and ELA questions are designed according to the Next Generation Learning Standards.
  • Learn the structure of the test and master the pattern of the questions.

Master the Mathematics Standards

  • Specialized focus on topic-by-topic review of math concepts.
  • Strong emphasis on conceptual based learning & Shortcut techniques.
  • 10-20 practice questions per topic to solidify your understanding of the concepts.

Beast the Reading Standards

  • Read 4-5 reading passages for both classworks and homeworks.
  • Learn the approaches to understanding “Hard Readings”
  • Master the approach to solving multiple-choice questions efficiently.

Ace the Short Response & Extended Response Questions

  • Learn how to answer short response questions using supporting details.
  • Comprehensive guide to writing extended responses based on linked-passages
  • Learn how to introduce support details and evidences.

Grammar Rules & Vocabulary

  • Structured lecture sessions to teach you all the grammar rules you need to know.
  • Understand the writing rules so you can ace the short response and extended response questions.
  • Know important words that you need to know to understand the reading and to write proficiently.

Practice Tests designed with Next Generation Learning Standards in Mind

  • Learn how to apply what you learned on realistic unofficial State Exams.
  • Expert State Test tutors provide comprehensive review of those state exams

What are the state exams?

What Parents need to know about Grades 3-8 State Tests

Required by Federal Law

  • Grades 3-8 students are required to take the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Tests.
  • These tests are required by the “Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015.

Why care about State Exams?

  • State Exams measure how well the students are mastering the State’s Learning Standards.
  • Exams help to ensure that students are developing skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills.
  • The state tests show how school’s performance and how well they are able to implement the learning standards adopted by the state.

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