Time Schedule

Sunday – Thursday

  • Classes: 38 Classes
  • Duration: 4 Hours/Class
  • Time Slots: Saturday, Sunday (9 – 1:00),(1 to 5)

38 Classes, 4 Hours / Class, 2 Time Slots (9 – 1:00), (1 to 5)

Ultra Extreme SHSAT Prep

  • 152+ hours of advanced SHSAT course.
  • Finish SHSAT syllabus up to 3 times.
  • Curriculum designed to be “Test-Heavy”

10 full-length Realistic Practice Tests

  • Complete 10 SHSAT practice tests in just 8 weeks.
  • Review each section thoroughly and master the core SHSAT concepts over 35 classes.
  • Master the pattern and learn everything about SHSAT.

Practice SHSAT ELA and Mathematics daily

  • Learn the techniques to tackle reading passages such as information text, literary proses, and poems.
  • Master mathematic topics such as basic algebra and geometry to advanced algebra and word problems.
  • Study writing and grammar rules to BEAST the revising/editing section.

Tariq’s Extreme Shortcuts

  • Speed is not your enemy. Tariq’s Shortcuts lets you use speed to your advantage.
  • Learn quick tricks to solve advanced math problems.
  • Solid reading tactics to beast the Poem based reading passages.

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