Kukhon Uddin (Booby)


Kukhon Uddin (Bobby) is one of the founders and CEO of Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center. However, thousands of his students may know him as the “SAT Guru”. He invented the “Bobby’s Beast”, an intense 5 days per week rigorous SAT crash course, which lasts for 7 weeks. He has helped a student score a perfect 1600 out of 1600 on the SAT and has helped hundreds of students score 1400+ and 1500+ on their SATs. By being under Mr. Bobby’s guidance, tens of students gained admissions to Ivy league colleges and hundreds of students gained admissions to top colleges such as NYU. Since his graduation from Columbia University, Kukhon Uddin has been working to revolutionize Test-Prep Tutoring. Working alongside his two brothers Tariq Hussain (President) and Sakib Hussain (Vice President), Kukhon Uddin has created these “SHORTCUTS”, which help students eliminate “False Answer Choices” within seconds. His “SHORTCUTS” take the art of “Process of Elimination” to a whole new level. Mr. Bobby’s only goal has been to mentor students so he can instill discipline among them, help improve their SAT scores, and give them the ability to chase their life-long dream colleges.

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