MIT Accepted with 1570 SAT Score


SAT Score: 1570

GPA: 4.0

Multiple AP Courses & SAT Subject Tests (Scoring 4s, 5s and 750+)

Internship: Columbia AI & Entrepreneurship Program

Letter of Recommendations: 2 Academic Instructors + 1 Mentor High School: Stuyvesant (Specialized High School NY)

Essays + Supplements: These essays were so amazing there was no way the admissions counselors would reject him! They were full of passion. It is important for students to understand that SAT is not everything. However, to get into these top colleges, we highly recommend that students score in the top 1%.

Raunauk's Google Review

Fordham Business School Accepted with 1480 SAT Score

Michael’s Stats

1. SAT: 1480/1600

2. GPA: 96%

3. AP: Total of 8 AP Classes

4. 3 Internships: For-Profit & Non-Profit Organizations

5. Recommendation Letters: 3 Total

6. Personal Statements & Supplemental Essays: Strong + Unique

Personal Statements + Supplement Essays: Strong, Unique, directly related to his field of interest, major, and passion.
These are the 6 major factors. Make a plan and work on these. If you do these right, you will have a better chance to get into your dream college.

NYU Accepted with $66,000 Scholarship

Mr. Bobby’s student Anupam scored 1500 on the SAT and gained admission to New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. Anupam was offered $66,000 dollars merit-based scholarship. How did he get into NYU with $66,000 Scholarship? The answer is simple: TOP SAT Score, Very Strong Recommendation Letters, Excellent College Essays, Resumes, Internships/Community Services/Volunteering, and SAT Subject Tests. He not only showed excellent academic integrity throughout his high school career, but also scored top on the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests.

Anupam's Google Review

Accepted to NYU by Scoring 1500 on the SAT

Mr. Bobby’s student Nicole scored 1500 on the SAT. Her initial SAT Score was 1100. After completing our Bobby’s Beast, Nicole was able to score in the 99th percentile and raise her SAT Score by 400 points. She also gained admission to New York University (NYU). Currently, Nicole is attending NYU.

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