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What does Staten Island Tech specialize in?

By Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center | Updated on January 17, 2020

Although Staten Island Technical High School is the furthest from the central city, it is still just a ferry ride away from the other four boroughs. More importantly, Staten Island Tech is the second most prestigious specialized high school in terms of cutoff score, and has resources, academic rigor, and academic performance to warrant that ranking. Despite its location, students from all over New York City attend Staten Island Tech. With a $9 million budget every year, the school ensures that its students have the most comprehensive and technologically savvy education out there. Staten Island Tech provides a robust liberal arts curriculum that includes a focus on the STEM fields and a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.

This school truly provides its students with a complete, enriching education, and that’s just one reason why student performance is through the roof. In this guide, we’ll discuss the acceptance rate and cutoff scores, activities, college preparation, advanced courses, performance, and ranking of Staten Island Tech. Keep reading to learn why this school is worth the ferry ride over.

Acceptance Rate and Cutoff Scores

Staten Island Technical High School has the same requirements for admission as every other specialized high school. All one must do to be admitted is score a 527 on the Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT). Only, this is not so easy! The score necessary for Staten Island Tech happens to be the second highest cutoff score of any other specialized high school. Of the 30,000 students who take the SHSAT each year, only about 300 seats are offered, making an acceptance rate of 1%. For ninth graders, a cutoff score above the range of 557-567 is needed, and only 4 seats are offered for the next year in comparison to 3,000 students applying. This gives us an acceptance rate of about 0.13%.

The odds are slim, but they are not impossible. Given its location, less people are trying to get into Staten Island Technical High School. This is why, if you truly want to attend the school, all you need is hard work and vigorous adherence to a study regimen. The acceptance statistics might seem low, but nothing is impossible once you put in your best efforts. Attending a school like Staten Island Technical High School will allow you to prepare for your future in the best way possible.

College Preparation

By attending Staten Island Tech, students will be able to prepare seamlessly for their college careers. Not only are there many advanced courses which students can take advantage of, there are also many connections to colleges. With the emphasis on science and engineering in the classroom, as well as resources like tablets and iPads to supplement modern learning, Staten Island Tech provides many ways for students to explore their academic interests. There are dual enrollment programs where students can take Creative Writing at St. John’s University, Forensic Science and Criminal Justice at The College of St. Rose, CAD, Civil Engineering & Architecture at the College of Staten Island, College Now courses at Kingsborough College, as well as other courses at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the University of Albany, and the University of Iowa.

In addition, students must take an intensive writing course and adhere to a strict ELA curriculum in order to prepare to take AP Language and AP Literature and Composition. Students are required to take four years of mathematics courses, AP and STEM focused courses, take at least two AP Social Studies courses, and take three years of Russian. All students also receive a laptop for their own use both at school and at home. Staten Island Tech clearly uses its budget to invest in its students, and this is definitely something that you want to see in your potential future school.

Advanced Courses

The curriculum at Staten Island Tech is very advanced and academically rigorous. Students can take special elective courses such as Career & Financial Management, Public Speaking, Theater Production, Advanced Electronics, and more. They can also take Introduction to TV and Movie Production, Lego Robotics, Technical Writing, Computer Science, and AutoCAD. There are also CTE programs in Engineering and Scientific Research and an iLearnNYC program for online coursework. Students can take electives in science, engineering, psychology, film, law, writing, Russian, arts, music, yoga, and even SAT prep.

Furthermore, students can visit the Career Development Center for more information about work based learning opportunities, career talks, job shadowing, and internships. This career center is something that not many, if any at all, other high schools have on their campuses. Of courses, there are also a number of Advanced Placement courses like Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Environmental Science, Macroeconomics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, US Government and Politics, US History, and World History. There are also language courses available in Russian.


Students at Staten Island Tech are able to choose from many enriching and fulfilling activities on campus. There are over 100 after school clubs such as dance club, drama club, a literary magazine, national Honor Society, peer mediations and conflict resolution, the Tech Times, showcase, SING, the spring musical, student government, and symphonic band. All of these clubs hold special events at school in order to create a more supportive sense of community. Students can also choose to join one of the school’s many sports teams. Boy’s teams include baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, fencing, football, handball, indoor track, outdoor track, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling. Girl’s teams include badminton, basketball, bowling, cross country, fencing, gold, handball, indoor track, outdoor track, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball. In addition, there are two co-ed teams: golf and stunt.

With all of these activities to choose from, students at Staten Island Tech are both academically and intellectually stimulated… and they get to have fun while growing as students and people.


Given its level of academic rigor and how difficult it is to even get into, Staten Island Tech’s student performance is exceptional. 100% of students graduate in four years. There is a 97% student attendance rate. However, only 88% of students go on to enroll in college or a career program within six months. This may be due to Staten Island Tech’s CTE program, which allows some students to dive straight into work before they attend a four-year college. Student performance on SAT, Regents, and AP exams is still exceptional, though, and students are relatively happy and safe at school, with 99% of students reporting such. There are about 1300 students at Staten Island Tech, and if you prepare vigorously, you could be one of them!


Staten Island Tech ranks well consistently due to its level of academic prowess. 100% of students have taken and passed at least one AP exam. Reading proficiency is at 100% and mathematics proficiency is at 99%. Staten Island Tech ranks #57 nationally, is ranked #7 in New York State, and #9 in the New York metropolitan area. In addition, it has a ranking of #73 in STEM high schools across the country, and is ranked #41 out of 17,425 high schools nationally in terms of college preparedness.

To get into Staten Island Tech and take all of these resources and activities to your advantage, you must prepare extremely seriously for the SHSAT. Remember, Staten Island Tech has the second highest cutoff score, so it is not easy to gain admission. You must prepare very seriously and from ahead of time. For the past ten years, we at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center have been assisting students like you gain admittance to specialized high schools, Staten Island Tech included. We have great tools for you to do the same: comprehensive preparatory books, effective SHSAT classes, and wonderful private tutors. Thousands of students have already gotten into schools like Staten Island Tech after attending Mr. Tariq’s class. Join us to begin your path to SI Tech!
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