What does Stuyvesant High School specialize in?

By Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center | Updated on January 16, 2020

Anyone who lives in New York City has undoubtedly heard of Stuyvesant High School, the most prestigious public high school around. Getting into Stuyvesant High School is anything but easy – it requires tremendous effort, concentration, and motivation. Once you get to Stuyvesant, you’ll see why it’s so worth it to attend. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Stuyvesant High School: acceptance rate, cutoff scores, and ranges, advanced courses, research, sports, arts, and performance. Read on to learn what makes Stuyvesant so special, and why attending this elite school will allow you to gain valuable and enriching experiences outside of the classroom as well as intellectually stimulating lessons within it.

Acceptance Rate, Cutoff Scores and Ranges

To get accepted into Stuyvesant High School, there is simply one requirement. Regardless of past performance in middle school or elementary school, all a student must do is score above a certain score or range on the Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT). For Stuyvesant, that range is the highest of any of the other specialized high schools. The SHSAT cutoff sore for Stuyvesant High School is 560 out of 800 for the eighth grade SHSAT and in a range above 590-600 on the ninth grade SHSAT. These cutoff scores aren’t meant to scare you – they should serve as guidelines for where your performance should be if you are hoping to attend Stuyvesant High School.

Each year, about 814 seats are offered to eighth graders who want to attend Stuyvesant High School. As about 30,000 students are aiming for 814 seats, this means that Stuyvesant has a 2.71% acceptance rate for the eighth grade SHSAT. This rate becomes even more slim for ninth graders, where Stuyvesant only accepts 10 students of 3,000 potential test takers, giving us an acceptance rate of 0.33%. While these chances aren’t great, they are nothing compared to the strong work ethic, attitude, and motivation of the students who are able to gain admission to this prestigious school.

Advanced Courses

Attending Stuyvesant High School will allow students to be able to reach beyond their comfort zones and take classes that will stimulate them intellectually. The school offers advanced courses in every discipline imaginable, with higher level electives like Multivariate Calculus, Differential Equations, Software Development, and Vertebrate Zoology. These courses aren’t usually offered to high school students, but the quality of education at Stuyvesant High School is extremely well-suited for these courses. There are also courses like Organic Chemistry, Existentialism, Engineering, Genetics, Science Fiction, Modern China, and Research, which allow students to explore a breadth of topics.

Of course, Stuyvesant also boasts a large number of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, like Art History, Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, Comparative Government and Politics, Computer Science, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French, Human Geography, Italian, Japanese, Macroeconomics, Music Theory, Physics, and Psychology. Additionally, students can take a diverse selection of language courses, such as French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish.


Students are able to participate in a number of competitions at Stuyvesant High School. For starters, they are able to join Stuyvesant’s top-notch Speech and Debate Team to travel all over the country with likeminded students who are open to civil discourse. They can also join the Math Team, solving complex mathematical problems in short amounts of time and gaining a more creative approach to looking at life. Students can also join Science Olympiad and Robotics in order to get a head start on their interests in engineering and STEM, as well as join the Regeneron Science Talent Search, which is a national competition that features some of the brightest minds in our country and their original research projects.


Just because Stuyvesant High School is so strong academically does not mean that students at Stuyvesant do not devote time to other endeavors like sports. There are a number of NCAA cleared school sports that are open to students at Stuyvesant High School. For example, boy’s teams include badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, fencing, football, gymnastics, handball, indoor track, lacrosse, outdoor track, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling. Girl’s teams include badminton, basketball, bowling, cross country, fencing, golf, gymnastics, handball, indoor and outdoor track, lacrosse, softball, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball. In addition, the school also supports three co-ed sports teams, the cricket team, golf team, and stunt team.


The arts are also a huge part of life at Stuyvesant High School. There are a number of annual concerts each year, including the SING! Performance where freshmen and seniors battle sophomores and juniors to put on an original musical. In addition, there are many cultural heritage events throughout the year as well as theater productions. Students can join the symphonic band, symphony orchestra, jazz band, or various choral groups. The arts are a big deal at Stuyvesant – students can also join the Stuyvesant Theater Community, which holds three yearly productions.


Students at Stuyvesant High School perform exceptionally well in comparison to the New York City and State community. 98% of students graduate within four years and enroll in college and 97% of students have perfect attendance. The SAT and Regents scores at this school are consistently well beyond average scores. Performance is always high at Stuyvesant High School, and this is just one of the reasons you should aim to get in. 3,336 students attend the school, and you can be one of them!

To get into Stuyvesant High School and take advantage of all of these opportunities, you must be dedicated, focused, and driven. But there is no need to do it alone. We at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center have many resources that can help you complete your journey to Stuyvesant High School. You should be self-studying, but you should also use excellent preparatory books, take only the most comprehensive SHSAT classes, and take advantage of private tutors. With over ten years of experience with the SHSAT, we know how to get students into Stuyvesant High School. Thousands of students have already gotten into schools like Stuyvesant after attending Mr. Tariq’s class. Join us to start your SHSAT journey!
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