You can take Grade 9 SHSAT to get into one of the specialized High Schools.

ELA Sections are Similar for both Grade 8 and 9 Test.

  • Both grade 8 and 9 SHSAT contain the same passage breakdown: 3-4 informational texts, 1-2 literary prose texts, 1 poem
  • They both have 57 ELA questions, 9-11 for Revising/Editing, and 46-48 for Reading comprehension.

Grade 9 SHSAT Mathematics is more ADVANCED

  • Contains trigonometry, which is not covered on the 8th grade SHSAT.
  • More Advanced Algebra & Word problems.
  • Basic Trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA)
  • Importance on Coordinate Geometry: Slopes, graphing function, transformations

More Competition for Grade 9 SHSAT = Less Seats and Higher Cut-off scores Needed

  • Specialized high schools have more seats reserved for 8th graders than for 9th graders.
  • Grade 9 students need to obtain a much higher cut-off score

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