About the SAT

The SAT is an College Admission Test that evaluates students' reading, writing, and math skills. It is used to determine High School students' college readiness. Ultimately, It is used by most four-year colleges and universities to make admission decisions.

How Do I Register for the SAT?

You can Register for the SAT by visiting College Board Website. You Can also Send the scores to colleges & universities from using this website.

What's on the SAT?

  • Evidence Based Reading & Writing

  • Math

  • Essay (Optional*)


  • 52 multiple–choice questions
  • 65 minutes
  • Reading Passages (Literature, historical documents such U.S Constitution, Natural sciences such as Chemistry, and Social sciences such as Psychology)

Writing & Language

  • 44 multiple–choice questions
  • 35 minutes
  • Command Evidence ,vocabulary in context, Maintaining Author's Intended meaning and Tone.


  • 58 multiple–choice questions (20 Questions - No Calculator. 38 Questions - Calculator Allowed
  • 25 Minutes (No Calculator). 55 Minutes (Calculator)
  • Tests heavily on Algebra I and II, geometry, and some trigonometry

Essay (Optional*)

  • 1 essay
  • 50 minutes
  • Read a Passage & Write how the author presents his persuasive argument

Should I take the SAT with the Essay?

The Essay is Optional. However, some colleges may require or recommend it. To find out which colleges require or recommend the SAT Essay, please learn about College SAT Essay Policies from College Board Website.

Examples of Colleges that recommend and require the SAT Essay.

  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Recommends the SAT essay.
  • Brown University Requires the SAT Essay.
  • Columbia University neither requires nor recommends the SAT Essay.

How is the SAT Essay Scored?

Two Graders will assign scores ranging from 1-4 Points for each of the three dimensions: Reading, Analysis & Writing. Then, the Two Graders' scores for each dimensions will be added, and you will receive 3 scores (1 for each dimension) out of 8 points each. Each score will range from 2-8 points, and will ultimately be graded out of 24 points.

SAT Essay Grading Example

Grader 1Grader 2
Reading: 3Reading: 4
Analysis: 3Analysis: 4
Writing: 4Writing: 3
Total Score:20/24
Total Score:20/24

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