Why Care About the Advanced Regents Diploma?

Colleges may value the “Advanced Designation” to a Regents Diploma

  • Advanced Regents Diploma demonstrates you have more than its minimum requirement.
  • Universities and colleges, especially in New York, may give preference to students who hold Advanced Regent Diploma.

Showcase your “Good Regents Scores” when you have a low GPA

  • If your grades aren’t good for a class, then you can demonstrate your proficiency in that subject by scoring higher on the regents.
  • Colleges may not let that ‘bad GPA be a factor since you will have demonstrated expertise in that class by getting good grades on the actual regents.

Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center’s Recommendation

While you can get Advanced Regents Diploma by scoring 65 points in 5 subjects listed above, Bobby-Tariq strongly recommends that you aim at least a grade of 80%.

Colleges may not overlook the fact you have poor GPA if you only demonstrate the bare minimum score of passing a New York State Regents.

If you are planning on pursing an Advanced Regents Diploma, you can sign-up for our Advanced Regents Courses that are designed to offer you a comprehensive guide to getting 80% or higher on the regents.

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