Important College Admission Decision Factor

  • – SAT Score is one of the most IMPORTANT admission decision factors.
  • – Top Colleges are attracted to High SAT Scores.

College Admission Officers search for students with High SAT Scores. Students with higher SAT Scores are generally believed to be more “College Ready” and to have the capability to complete higher education.

While College Admission Officers consider many factors when it comes to admission decisions, the SAT is still paramount to your college application. Colleges sometimes can use SAT Alone, regardless of poor High School GPA, to offer admissions.

Top SAT Scores open doors to your dream Colleges

Merit-Based Scholarships Awards

Top SAT Scorers are awarded with Merit-Based Scholarships. Colleges may use your SAT Score as the sole deciding factor to award Scholarship funds. They may also use your SAT Score with combination of grades and other admission decision factors to award scholarship money.

Colleges can Award anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 Dollars in Scholarships. Sometimes they even offer full ride to students to cover all 4 years of college tuition.

Students can acquire close to “Full Ride” Scholarships alone or with Combination of Merit-Based Scholarship, Financial Aid Scholarships, & Financial Aid Grants from the Federal Government and the State Government.

Required by Top 4 Year Colleges

The SAT is accepted by all four-year colleges and required by most four-year Colleges in U.S

It is nearly impossible to gain admissions from top Tier Colleges without submitting SAT or ACT Scores.

Placement in College Courses

SAT Scores are an effective measurement of “College Readiness”. The SAT assesses students’ expertise in reading, writing and math (Core Components For College Education).

While many colleges have their own Placement Examination, Some colleges may allow students to take higher level courses by letting them by-pass the basic level courses simply because of students’ high SAT Score.

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