Show Colleges your Greatest Strengths

  • Choose the subjects to take, naturally those that showcase your greatest strengths and interests.
  • Colleges can understand your interest in specific majors based on your SAT Subject Tests scores.
  • A high-test score puts you ahead of the pile of applications.

Colleges Value SAT Subject Tests Results

  • Acing the SAT shows that you are able to handle Honors-Level Courses.
  • An exceptional SAT Subject Test score can boost your chance of getting admitted to the college of your choice.
  • See the list of colleges that may recommend SAT Subject Tests.

Colleges May Require SAT Subject Tests

  • Some Colleges such as Columbia University require Subject Tests.
  • See the list of colleges that may consider SAT Subject Tests.

Earn College Credit

  • Many colleges use Subject Test Scores to place you into a course.
  • If your test scores are high enough, you may be able to get credit.

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